Ztec Engineers, Inc.


Ztec Contact info

3737 SE 8th Ave.
Portland, OR 97202
office (503) 235-8795
fax (503 233-7889

website: www.ztecengineers.com

email: ztec@ztecengineers.com


Civil Engineering

John Middleton, P.E. john@ztecengineers.com

Providing services for street improvements, site development, street design, storm water design and management, storm detention, bio-swales and rain gardens for private and public.

Structural Engineering

Ron Sellards P.E.       ron@ztecengineers.com

Providing services for structural analysis and design for new construction and remodels for all kinds of construction for Residential, Commercial, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Educational and Marinas.

Land Surveying

Chris Fischborn, P.L.S.  chris@ztecengineers.com 

Providing services for property Boundary Surveys, Subdivisions, Property Line Adjustments, ALTA's, Construction Layout Surveying, Asbuilt Surveys, Flood Elevation Certificates.

Ztec Engineers Inc advantages:

direct and personal contact with engineers and design professionals.

a personal sized firm that allows property owners and contractors be involved in the design and planning process.

cost effective engineering and design that empowers your budget.

experienced staff and a variety of disciplines which provides a comprehensive design from one location.

a reputation for good relations with A/E firms, Developers, Surveyors and Contractors which promotes project quality.




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